The Art Portfolio of Ron Crowcroft

An abstract painting made with bright red and yellow huesManifest, mixed media on Yupo

Ron Crowcroft is currently based in Woodbury, Connecticut, where he creates artworks in an innovative range of media and styles, including traditional drawing and painting, performance, film video, poetry, and more.

A painting with bright yellow and green coloursBody Language, mixed media on Yupo


Ron’s recent series of works has seen the artist employing mixed media on Yupo to achieve a kind of whirling, psychedelically colourful effect. Some of the works are reminiscent of Luis Pagan or J.D. Doria in the natural, almost organic way that pigment and other materials are allowed the flow across the paper unbidden. The artist’s 2018 works feature abstracted forms that have the appearance of alien artefacts, often complete with patterned lines and shapes that give the impression of strange glyphs or runes.

The front page of Ron Crowcroft's art portfolio


Each of Ron’s works is dense with colour, texture, and detail, and each demands a sustained viewing. The eye is drawn all over these works, working to resolve the multitude of lines and pigments into a cohesive whole.  

A drawing made with elongated abstract forms and patterned linesDust Jacket Drawing 361, At First Sight

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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