Beauty in the Natural World: The Art of Steve Latimer

A painting of two cactuses in a desert vistaKeeping Watch, acrylic on gesso board

Steve Latimer is a painter, photographer, and mixed media artist with a talent for both abstraction and realistic detail. In each work, the artist takes an introspective, personalized approach, seeking beauty in the natural world and in the faces of other people.

An assemblage artwork made with brightly painted pieces of woodTwist and Turns, wood assemblage


Steve’s landscape paintings utilize lighting in a brilliant fashion, creating strictly delineated planes of warm colour and giving the overall scene a mapped-out, almost geometric aesthetic that’s sometimes reminiscent of paintings by Mernet Larsen. Steve’s portraiture takes a softer approach, and the artist often uses black and white to help capture fine details like the lines of a face or the exact shadows and planes of noses and eyes.

The front page of Steve Latimer's art portfolio


It’s interesting to be able to see Steve’s assemblages and photographs alongside his paintings. The works all seem to inform one another equally, with the assemblages taking abstraction and sculptural detail to their extreme, while in photographs the artist appears to capture scenes that might later be turned into paintings.

A photograph of shadows under the promenade at a universityPromenade Florida Southern College, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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