The Masterful Coloured Pencil Art Portfolio of David Neace

A pencil crayon drawing of a classic car hood ornamentGoddess of Speed, coloured pencil

Masterful coloured pencil artist David Neace taught himself to draw at a young age by following along with his father, also an artist. David’s current body of work reflects a sense of careful, practiced observation as well as an appreciation for pure experimentation with an artistic medium.

An up-close drawing of a classic carAged Elegance, coloured pencil


I really love the way that Neace renders reflective surfaces -- polished cars, chrome hood ornaments, and water all factor heavily into the artist’s portfolio, and just taking a closer look at these images reveals the artist’s intimate, fundamental understanding of the formal elements of these difficult-to-capture textures.

A screen capture of David Neace's art portfolio websiteThe front page of David's art portfolio website


The artist is also quite talented with other media, like ink and acrylic paint. David’s acrylic paintings take a softly-blended, detailed route to depicting fantastic, cosmic landscapes and subject matter, while the artist’s ink wash paintings are more subdued and abstracted. There’s a sense of atmospheric depth in both these series that underpins the artist’s entire portfolio.

A pencil crayon and ink drawing of a cosmic scene and road vehiclesDead Tree Junction, coloured pencil and ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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