A Portfolio of Plein Air Landscapes by Michael Gaudreau

A pastel drawing of stones in a riverOctober Bouquet, pastel

Michael Gaudreau is an artist currently based in Bel Air, Maryland. A member of the Pastel Society of America and the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association, Michael works deftly in both media, creating beautiful plein air landscapes and capturing elements of nature in their purest form.

A painting of storm clouds over a fieldStorm Clouds over Porter, pastel

Michael cites Canadian Group of Seven painter Tom Thomson among his influences, and while it’s easy to see seeds of this inspiration in Michael’s works, it’s exciting to see how the artist puts his own spin on classical landscape painting, utilizing deep, bright colours to bring out the jewel tones of trees, water, and sunlight. I really enjoy the variations between works in oil and in pastel -- the artist’s method of blending pastels then adding highlights in elongated line-art like forms across rocks creates an interesting texture.

A screen capture of Michael Gaudreau's art portfolio websitewww.michaelgaudreauart.com


Outside of his own practice, Michael is a long time art educator, and a faculty member of the John Carroll School in Bel Air.

An oil painting of a section of a brookAlong John's Brook, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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