The Watercolour Art Portfolio of Kathleen Contri

A watercolour painting of a colourful farmlandNorthwind Perennial Farm

Kathleen Contri is an artist who works primarily in watercolour, capturing her surroundings and imaginary scenes with equal exuberance.

An acrylic painting of a bridge in a Japanese gardenBridge at Anderson Japanese Garden, acrylic on canvas


Many of the artist’s works take the form of beautiful landscapes packed with colour -- I like the way that Kathleen uses different brush marks to render different objects. In outdoor scenes, leaves and flowers are represented by swarms of individually coloured dots, creating a kind of pointillism that reminds me of work by Sheri Bakes.

A screen capture of Kathleen Contri's art portfolio

Kathleen’s portraits are more strictly detailed and present, often, the relationships between the pets and their owners. Even in portraits where the owners are not present, their gaze and care is clear in the framing of the image. I also think Kathleen’s style really shines in her floral paintings. Here the artist strikes a perfect balance between the sharp outlines of branches and stalks, and the slightly mottled, dilute colours of the petals.

A watercolour painting of pink peoniesPeonies, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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