HAUSON: The Art Portfolio of R.S. Robertson

An acrylic painting of a rainbow patternCOLLISION, acrylic on canvas

R.S. Robertson works under the studio name HAUSON, producing psychedelic artworks in a rainbow of colours. The artist’s pieces hearken to the Op Art movement of the 1960s, yet are firmly situated in the present.

A painting with ranbow lines intersecting at the centre of the canvasDANCE IN THE MIDDLE, acrylic on canvas


Much of R.S.’s portfolio reminds me of work by Bridget Riley, particularly in the way that colours overlap and create new shapes and patterns to trick the eyes. It’s easy to get lost in these works as the colours flow into one another, drawing the eye easily across every quadrant of the canvas. The changing colour and line elements are often totally abstract, yet sometimes resolve themselves into solid-feeling shapes, reminiscent of the paintings of Jon Harris.

The front page of R.S. Robertson's art portfolio page,


It’s interesting to see how R.S.’s style of painting translates into figurative works, as well. In his gallery of commissioned pieces, the artist showcases figurative artworks that maintain a sense of dreamlike surrealism and also run with the same bright colour palette.

A painting made with overlapping geometric shapes forming a portalPORTALIS, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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