Texture, Colour, and Form: The Art Portfolio of Joy Pesaturo

A painting in almost-black and white tones, with structural geometric formsFENCE

Joy Pesaturo is a self taught artist currently based in the San Juan Islands, in Washington.  In her practice, the artist is drawn toward abstraction, producing works that explore texture, colour, and form with equal weight.

A painting of spawning salmonJOURNEY 13


I really enjoy the sense of texture that Joy achieves in each of her works, regardless of medium. Using paint or mixed media, she creates a kind of mottled, soft texture that makes me think of the patterns of natural stones or wood, grounding even geometric abstract or monochromatic pieces in a sense of reality.

A screen capture of Joy Pesaturo's art portfolio websitewww.joypesturofineart.com


Joy’s Freedom series seems to present almost a microcosm of the artist’s work thus far -- the pieces feature wildly colourful central figures, made up of overlapping lines and shapes, and rendered in the same natural texture as many of Joy’s artworks. Placed on subdued, equally textured background, each work looks almost like a portal or a view into the artist’s thought process and way of working.

A painting with lines forming overlapping planes of colourPOSSIBILITIES

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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