Technology and the Human Body: The Portfolio of Sonya Stefan

An installation view of a film artworkPassé Composé (installation view), collaboration with Emma Roufs and and Mika Posen (Merganzer)

Sonya Stefan works at the intersection of technology and the human body, producing artworks that examine relationships between people and devices. Working primarily in performance, installation, and film, Sonya creates works that are easy to recognize and relate to on multiple levels.

A still image from a performance involving the dismantling of an LCD screenLCD Teardown, collaboration with Stephanie Castonguay


Many of Sonya’s installations, films, and performance projects involve the direct use of monitors, screens, and other viewing technology, either as a medium or as a prop -- and sometimes both. For example, in LCD Takedown, Sonya and fellow artist Stephanie Castonguay take apart an LCD video monitor, exposing the product’s inner workings and demonstrating the physical materials involved in producing a certain point of view or way of seeing.

A screen capture of Sonya Stefan's art portfolio


In other projects, like EAT, Sonya plays with fragmentation of the human form, through the use of video footage. In this installation, repeated images of the same form are spread across a system of 24 television screens, provoking tension between an intimate view of a human form, and the idea of passive or multiplicitous viewing.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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