Picturesque Scenes: The Art Portfolio of Madeline Shea

A painting of a harbour in blue and green tonescarnival, oil on canvas

Madeline Shea is a painter who creates picturesque scenes using a bright and varied palette and detailed yet relaxed brush marks. The artist’s subject matter ranges from cityscapes, to pet portraits, to gestural watercolour paintings.

A painting of a street cornerlincoln and diversy, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the general sense of ease that’s consistent throughout much of the artist’s practice. Regardless of what she’s painting, Madeline lends her subjects an air of relaxed, gentle contemplation. Though the paintings are highly detailed they appear almost unplanned, as though the chosen imagery came to the artist slowly.

The front page of Madeline Shea's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Madeline's art portfolio website


In our previous feature of Madeline’s loose, airy painting, we looked at the artist’s figurative studies in which humans in various interesting poses lounge, walk, and play on the beach. It seems in recent works that Madeline has intensified her colour palette, showing her hand at more geometric, architectural forms without losing that gestural sense of presence.

A painting of a marble statue superimposed on a traditional landscapewoodland 3, oil on linen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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