Intuitive Technique: The Art Portfolio of Terry Lee Crump

An abstract painting with blue-green huesMorning Green

Terry Lee Crump is an artist currently based in Houston, Texas. In his practice, Terry creates paintings built up out of partially abstracted figures and forms, using a subdued colour palette and an intuitive technique.

An abstract painting made with geometric shapes and neutral coloursReflection, acrylic on canvas


I enjoy the subtle texture and deliberate imperfection present throughout Terry’s portfolio. The artist’s use of a relatively cohesive palette -- yellows, blues, and neutral hues factor prominently in most of his works -- allows the viewer to note subtle variations in the thickness and brushwork in each individual plane of colour. The artist often layers silhouetted human figures with geometric forms, emphasizing the lines and shapes present in the body.

A screen capture of Terry Lee Crump's art


Though they are abstracted, many of Terry’s paintings have a subtle sense of narrative. The artist’s titles help to guide the reader through potential stories, furthering the visual depth of each individual piece.

A painting of figures and chairsMusical Chair Two, acrylic on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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