Imagination and Spirit: The Art of Patricia Rain Gianneschi

An abstracted painting with loose figures on a neutral backgroundAfter Calvary, oil on canvas

Patricia Rain Gianneschi is a mixed media artist who imbues each of her works with a sense of imagination and spirit. The artist’s works are often abstract, taking ideas and concepts and approaching them with an eye toward texture, colour, and overall atmosphere.

A painting of a purple figure on a striped blue backgroundInto the Blue #2, oil on linen canvas


I like the way that many of Patricia’s artworks find an intersection between geometric abstraction and organic, gestural mark-making. In many works, the artist takes figurative forms, or at least, the idea of figurative forms and simplifies them into satisfyingly rounded and cohesive organic forms, often made up of a few visible brush marks in a single colour.

A screen capture of Patricia Rain Gianneschi's art portfolio websitePatricia's art portfolio website


The artist’s portfolio encompasses a vast range of media, including not only painting, but mixed media, printmaking, and even creative writing. Browsing through Patricia’s portfolio, once gets the sense that the artist is happy producing any type of artwork, so long as it evokes a sense of awe for her, and for the viewer in turn.

A painting of a figures abstracted in bright coloursSpirit Dragons, digital print

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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