Alien Landscapes: The Art Portfolio of Al Mefer

A photo of some monolithic buildings over a gradient skyUntitled

Al Mefer is a photographer who uses his talent at capturing images to distort and remix familiar settings and structures, producing images of alien landscapes and architecture, giving the viewer a never-before-seen view of both man-made and natural features.

A photo of a building against an orange skyUntitled


I really enjoy the science fiction aesthetic that runs through Mefer’s entire portfolio. With series titles like Alien Architecture and Deserts of the Future the artist sets his viewer’s imagination running wild. In the former, the artist takes photographs of buildings, selecting those with slightly futuristic or alien architecture, and frames his photos in such a way that the buildings are removed from any context or detail that would allow for recognition. Each image appears to have a colour filter applied to it that suggests a different atmosphere or light from a different sun.


Deserts of the Future utilizes a similar technique, but in these photos all traces of man-made constructions are removed, and Mefer focuses instead on rock formations, occasionally adding an extra moon to bizarrely coloured skies.

A photo of a surreal alien landscapeUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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