Amped Art Studio: The Portfolio of Kelly Schafer

A painting of a woman playing an accordionRosie Ledet Zydeco Sweetheart, fine art print

Kelly Schafer produces artwork under the name Amped Art Studio. The artist’s works deal frequently with music as their subject matter, and Kelly has a knack for creating energetic, personality-filled portraits of musicians engaged in their craft.

A painting of a man in a cowboy hat playing a guitarBig Jeff, fine art print

I really like the energy that imbues Kelly’s portraits of musicians. Like Melvin Clark, the artist focuses as much on the persona of the artist as the feeling and mood of the music they’re producing. In some portraits, one can almost hear the bright, upbeat chords, while in others the mood seems more subdued.

The front page of Kelly Schafer's art portfolio websiteThe front page of

Kelly’s Amusement Parks series uses paint to explore the formal aspects of amusement park rides -- the fragmented shapes of rollercoasters, Ferris wheels, and other theme park staples are rendered in bright colours on monochromatic backgrounds, capturing some of the frantic energy and movement associated with the machines while also casting them in an entirely new light.

A painting of a rollercoasterWild Ride

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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