Exploratory and Experimental Photography by Patrick McGuire

A photo of a landscape in Oakland, Californiawest oakland landscape

Patrick McGuire is a photographer based in San Francisco. The artist has a background in carpentry, and his photographs tend to be exploratory and experimental, blending a wide range of different subjects and styles to produce colourful images in film and digital photography.

A photo of an outdoor art installationinstallation on lower Irving street

I enjoy the diversity of subject matter in Patrick’s portfolio. The artist’s works range from close-up photos of flowers, to portrait work, to architectural snapshots and landscapes. Each image is given a kind of journalistic treatment by the artist, with a clear focus on the content of the image.

A screen capture of Patrick Mcguire's art portfolio websitePatrick's art portfolio website


In some works, Patrick experiments with digital manipulation techniques, producing artworks that are psychedelically colourful. The actual subject matter of these images seems to matter less, and they become abstracted in composition, like the photographs of Andy Humphrey, or Joeann Edmonds Matthew. Patrick’s abstract photos are recognizable, yet not, encouraging the viewer to take their time with these works.

A close-up photo of an orchidorchid love

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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