The Art Portfolio of Sebastian Evans

A painting of concentric geometric circlesOld Flower #1, housepaint and spray paint on canvas

Sebastian Evans is an artist currently based in London, Ontario. In his practice, Sebastian tends to work with spray paint and other mixed media, producing abstract and geometric artworks with a soft, airbrushed texture.

A painting spray painted on paper4/14, spray paint and graffiti mop on paper, mounted on panel


I’m enjoying browsing through the artist’s recent works. In the painting series Old Flowers, Sebastian uses a repeating form of geometric “flower” -- like something you’d get using a spirograph -- to produce works that are both floral and not, geometric, and somehow otherworldly in their use of a subdued, blue-grey colour palette.

The front page of Sebastian Evans' art portfolio pageThe front page of Sebastian's art portfolio website


The artist’s series Get New Ice (at the top of the world) and Packaging/Gnigakcap, comprise numerous works made with a combination of freely sprayed pigment and stencil use, combining to form objects that could be organic or recognizable, but that contain an obscure quantity of translucent layers of colour and form, confounding definition.

An abstract artwork made with layers of spray paintPackaging, spray paint with found stencils on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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