Intricate and Delicate Batik Eggs by Eli Bockol

A pattern of geometric cubes painted on an ostrich eggFuschia tumbling blocks, ostrich

Eli Bockol is an artist produces incredibly intricate and delicate batik eggs in a variety of colours and patterns. The artist’s works incorporate multiple stylistic influences, from traditional quilt-like designs to more contemporary geometric abstraction.

An egg painted with bright patterns and starsStars and ribbons, ostrich


I’m really impressed by the level of fine detail in each of Eli’s works. It’s astonishing how much detail the artist is able to pack into such a small surface, and the curvature of the egg shell makes it all the more worthy of a closer look. In his portfolio, Eli provides close-up views of many of his projects, allowing the viewer to marvel at just how tiny and delicate some of the marks and lines really are.

The front page of Eli Bockol's art portfolio


The artists works comprise pure visual artworks as well as ornaments for various seasons. Eli has even produced some sets of matching ornaments -- perfect for decorating a christmas tree with beautifully, painstakingly rendered designs.

A photo of rows of waxed and painted goose eggsSnowflake Goose

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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