The Art Portfolio of Painter and Photographer Linda Richardi

A painting of lanterns in acrylic and metallic leafA Thousand Wishes, acrylic and gold leaf

Linda Richardi is a painter and photographer currently living and working in California. In her practice, Linda produces works of abstraction and figuration, working with the advantages and quirks of each of her chosen media.

A painting of abstracted antlers or branchesEmbrace, acrylic


I like the way that Linda incorporates mixed media into her paintings. In paintings on canvas and wood panel, Linda uses a mixture of metallic leaf, paint, and various other media to create a layered, three-dimensional appearance for figurative subjects, abstractions, and blends of the two. It’s fascinating to see the variety of different colours and textures present in Linda’s works, and the way that she uses them to build up both recognizable imagery -- human figures, objects -- and abstract planes of colour and texture.

The front page of Linda Richardi's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Linda's art website


Linda’s photography seems equally concerned with texture, though in this case it’s the texture of natural formations -- rocks, trees, and water, for example. It’s easy to draw parallels between the subjects of Linda’s photographs, and those that she renders in paint.

A photo of water rushing over rocksUntitled, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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