Artists at Large: The Portfolio of Erik Sunderman and Liz Mercer

A mannequin painted with stripesPainted Manikin, acrylic on plastic mannequin display (by Liz Mercer)

Erik Sunderman and Elizabeth Mercer are an artist duo originally from Oklahoma City. Together, Erik and Liz produce work on a commission basis through their company Artists at Large. Each artist also maintains their own personal creative practice.

A skull painted with teal pinstripesPinstripe Skull, hand-painted pinstripes on cow skull


Erik and Liz’ portfolio features examples of larger-scale mural work, as well as posters and signs, done for various companies. The works are widely varied in terms of both subject and execution, though Liz and Erik demonstrate a consistent ability to create strong visuals for any space.

The front page of Erik Sunderman and Liz Mercer's art portfolio


The artists’ gallery of painted objects showcases each individual’s skill set, and it’s interesting to see a variation in style while the subject matter remains somewhat consistent. As we saw in our previous feature of Erik and Liz’s murals and hand-painted signs, both seem to have a love of pop culture subject matter, ranging from the cartoonish to the realistic.

A painting of a dog with large antlersUntitled (by Erik Sunderman)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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