The Fibre and Textile Art Portfolio of Alison Lang

A wool applique pillow with a bird on itRoadrunner from the collection of A Flock of Many Colours

Alison Lang is a lifelong artist who, in her current practice, favours fibre and textile media. Her artworks are varied and often utilize a blend of different media, though they tend to have a sense of tactility and softness about them.

A handmade "mountain man" dollMountain Man, mixed media


The artist’s recent series of wool appliqué pillows have a warm, decorative appearance. The combination of natural subject matter and traditional “craft-like” media makes them approachable, while Alison still demonstrates an expert hand when it comes to fabric art.  As decor, these art objects have a neutral, rustic feel that I think would go nicely in almost any kind of decor.

The front page of Alison Lang's art portfolio


Alson’s Historic Artworks gallery showcases older works by the artist. It’s interesting to be able to get a feel for how the artist’s work has evolved, especially through the eyes of Alison herself. The series consists largely of handmade dolls, detailed and lovingly constructed. In works like Mountain Man, the artist takes inspiration from her media, raw, rustic textiles and hand-spun yarn.

A handmade "woodsman" sculptural dollWoodsman

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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