Plein Air and Landscape Painting by June Long-Schuman

A painting of a lighthouse over a pink oceanMontauk Lighthouse, acrylic on canvas

June Long-Schuman is an artist based in Long Island, New York. The artist has a degree in art from the Pratt Institute, and has focused on printmaking as well as plein air and landscape painting. In her current practice, June produces a wide variety of works, all with a painterly, gestural approach.

A painting of a millhouse in the winterStony Brook Grist Mill, oil on canvas


I find June’s paintings, especially her landscapes, to be imbued with a certain sense of calm. The artist seems much less concerned with pure realism and detail than with capturing the overall feel and tone of a space or moment in time -- an attitude that aligns well with plein air painting.

A screen capture of June Long-Schuman's art portfolio


Aside from her paintings, June also produces murals, jewelry, and monoprints. I really enjoy the artist’s Early Monoprints gallery -- the works here, mostly nudes and figure drawings, seem to represent a more involved, almost frantic style of art-making, as though the artist is working quickly to capture the most important formal aspects of a subject. There’s a great sense of energy in these works that belies the subdued colour schemes present therein.

A peaceful painting of a body of waterStony Brook Inlet mini, oil on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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