The Art Portfolio of Anne Farrall Doyle

An oil and mixed media painting of a serene riverCalm Winds Blowing, oil on canvas

Anne Farrall Doyle is based in Herefordshire, England, where she uses a contemplative, intuitive process to build her artworks. The artist’s work is usually produced in solitude, with plans and sketches helping to formulate her dreamlike final compositions.

A painting of a rocky outcropping on the beachRocky Outcrop, oil on canvas


Anna produces artworks in a range of traditional media, including oil paint, watercolour, and pastel. The works are often softly blended, drippy, and seem to be in the process of either achieving or relinquishing corporeal form. There’s a sense of wonder imbued in each of these works, and looking through Anna’s portfolio one gets the sense of another world, perhaps one imagined in a daydream.

A screen capture of Anne Farrall Doyle's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Anne's art website


The artist uses colours that are somehow dreamlike and subdued, yet retain a sense of their energy. There’s something so ghostly and ethereal about these works that one can’t help but to be transfixed, searching for solid details.

A pastel drawing of a nude figureLight & Cushion, pastel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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