A New Dimension: The Art Portfolio of Vincent McLoughlin

A painting of abstracted flowersrgrnwonblk, acrylic on custom built luan panel

Vincent McLoughlin is an artist who paints on wood, often using panels that have been custom built and sculpted to create interestingly figurative substrates. The artist’s paint, in combination with the sculpted wood panels, brings out a new dimension in the artwork.

A painting with bright blue and green coloursbonrongonr, acrylic on primed repurposed luan panel


I really enjoy the way that Vincent uses paint to bring figurative imagery forth from an abstract basis. The aesthetics of his sculpted pieces remind me of wood sculptures by Rand Hardy or Larry Scaturro, while the paintings are contemporary with a style all their own.

The front page of Vincent McLoughlin's art websitewww.vmacart.com


In our previous feature of Vincent’s works, we looked at how he creates paintings in three dimensions. The artist is equally adept at painting in traditional two-dimensional format, and it’s interesting to be able to look through his portfolio to see examples of both, and find common threads between the two techniques. I look forward to seeing more of Vincent’s recent works in the future.

A painting on a custom-cut wood panelbyrongrn, acrylic on primed birch luan

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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