A Portfolio of Bright, Journalistic Photographs by A.M. Williams

A painting of a window box with pink flowersPretty in Pink

A.M. Williams is a photographer who currently lives and works in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The artist has a background in psychology and higher education, and in her artistic practice takes bright, journalistic photographs of flowers, animals, and the local landscape.

A photo of a squirrel peeking out from behind a shrubI See you!


There’s a refreshing kind of straightforwardness about Williams’ photographs. The artist has a good eye for composition and framing, and tends to place her subjects at the centre of her images, broadly visible, not obscured or off-kilter. I especially enjoy how this technique translates into the artist’s Animals of the National Parks series -- these photos showcase animals in their natural habitats, emphasizing an atmosphere of both majesty and realism.

The front page of A.M. Williams' art portfolio websiteThe front page of Williams' art portfolio website


In our previous feature of Williams’ work, we examined the documentary-style nature of many of the artist’s photos. It’s interesting to see how this style translates across many different subjects, staying consistent and recognizable.

A photo of a bald eagle perched in a treeWatching the Yellowstone Fires

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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