Aesthetics from Nature: The Art Portfolio of Susan Sharp

An abstract painting made with bright blue and green huesReflect, oil and acrylic on MDF panels

Susan Sharp works through an intuitive painting process, allowing the works as much a say in their own development as she has. Susan’s works are inspired by a variety of fragmented aesthetics from nature -- patterns of light, movement, and the growth of plants all seem to factor in equal weight.

An abstract painting with planes of blue and hard linesWater's Edge, oil on panels


I really enjoy Susan’s artworks -- abstract compositions that suggest landscapes, architectural features, or stream-of-consciousness studies about in her portfolio. The artist uses soft, painterly textures smartly juxtaposed with rougher ones -- there’s a clear sense that the substrate (often wood panel) is as much a part of the artwork as the paint and lines themselves.

A screen capture of Susan Sharp's art portfolio


It’s very interesting, as well, to see how the work changes when substrate changes. Susan’s works on paper take on a different aesthetic than her works on board. There’s a lightness, and ethereal quality about the works on paper that isn’t as present on those with the heavier, more permanent-feeling backing of wood.

A painting on paper with abstract shapesLimbo, gouache on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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