The Pottery Portfolio of "Cactus" Jack Caselles

A handmade ginger jar with a natural glaze15" Ginger Jar, Raku and glaze with So Si expansion

Jack Caselles, also known as Cactus Jack, is a potter currently based in Glendale, California. The artist has a background in teaching and aerospace, and now works as a full-time potter for the pure love of the medium.

A blue pitcher and a batter bowl handmade in ceramicBlue pitcher and batter bowl with handle


In our previous feature of Jack’s artworks, we looked at the artist’s approach to colourful works of functional art. Jack produces all manner of art objects in his practice, with a focus on vessels such as bowls, plates, and cups. I like the smooth, shiny, yet tactile appearance of these works -- I imagine these bowls and cups would be perfect both for eating and drinking out of, and for displaying as pieces of art!

The front page of Cactus Jack Caselle's art portfolio


Much of Jack’s work utilizes raw, earthy colours and textures in conjunction with brighter, jewel-tone glazes. Some of the pieces remind me of work by fellow ceramicists Kathryn Ruckman, or Goertzen Pottery, though Jack has his own unique and noticeable style.

A garlic jar in a jewel blue glazeBlue garlic keeper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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