Studio Hoodoo: The Art Portfolio of Crystal DiPietro

A painting of a pine among birch treesLone Pine, oil on canvas

Studio Hoodoo is the art studio of Crystal DiPietro, an artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crystal’s art portfolio is currently packed with vibrant landscapes inspired by the Nevada region, and the artist’s works have been exhibited throughout the United States.

A painting of a city blanketed in snowProvidence in Winter, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the graphic, colourful aesthetic that Crystal employs in her paintings. Rather than soft blending across the canvas, the artist favours a style that incorporates flattened planes of colour and heavy outlines to create an almost pop-art-esque impression of a scene. This isn’t to say that the works don’t capture realistic detail -- quite the opposite. Crystal’s paintings do a beautiful job of balancing artistic license and an eye for natural detail.

The front page of Crystal DiPietro's art portfolio


Elsewhere in her portfolio, Crystal captures subject matter including cityscapes, plein air work, and human figures. In all these works, the artist adapts her unique style to suit the contours and colours of whatever the work features.

A painting of a human figure in a desert landscapeLong Day in Corkscrew Canyon, acrylic and oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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