Hot Shu Foto: The Photography Portfolio of Doug Berry

A photo of a woman in a dark dress on a dark backgroundOlga

Doug Berry is a photographer who works under the studio name Hot Shu Foto. In his practice, Doug produces vibrant images that often seek to capture a sense of movement, as in his photos of dancers.

A portrait of a man in sunglassesCarlo

Even in straightforward portraiture, one can sense Doug’s emphasis on smoothness planes of colour and natural lines. The expert composition lends a sense of overall flow to the images. Doug’s compositions are refined and sleek, with complementary colours, contrast, and a clear focus on a central figure.  

The front page of Hot Shu


The artist’s personal portfolio pieces often involve elaborate, exuberant costuming, and trained dancers as subjects. Many of the settings remind me of works by Luis Pons.  Whether he’s photographing a solitary dancer in a static pose, or a pair in the midst of rehearsals, Doug has a good eye for pulling out the most interesting instants in a piece. It’s nice to see how the artist carries his own unique style even when working with clients.

An artistic photo of a woman in sunglassesSunglasses

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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