Esoteric and Immediate: The Art Portfolio of Marie Surprenant

An abstract ink drawing with tones of pale redEncre 28, ink on wallpaper

Artist Marie Surprenant creates abstract artworks in a variety of traditional media that meditate on subjects both esoteric and immediate. The works are often subdued at first glance, presented in dense series that facilitate a deeper understanding of the artist’s thought process.

An abstract ink drawing with blue and black tonesencre 03


I really enjoy Marie’s recent artworks, such as those in her gallery of Encres sur papier de vie. These quiet abstract works, made by allowing ink to spread and merge, settling into the topography of the substrate, are reminiscent of works by Luis Pagan or J.D. Doria. At the same time, there’s something very unique about them, and the way that they’re presented -- one gets the sense, looking at these pieces, that there’s some grand message or thought underpinning their mild aesthetics.

A screen capture of Marie Surprenant's art portfolio


In Signes épars, the artist uses ink and acrylic on paper to produce abstract works in monochromatic tints. Though the media is firmly traditional, there’s something about the translucent application of pigment that suggests found footage, decayed film or video stills.

A painting with warm tones of orange and redUntitled, oil and acrylic on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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