The Art Portfolio of John McAlpine

A digital artwork with bright colours and a repeating patternUntitled, digital

John McAlpine is an artist based in Everett, Washington. In his artistic practice, John works in a variety of media including photography, digital art, and pastel and other traditional media.

A photo of a polished horn in a paradeReflection 2 Pilchuck


I like the unique style that John maintains throughout his portfolio, whether he’s producing drawings of landscapes, still-life subject matter, or playful, cartoonish renderings of animals. The artist has a clear appreciation for colour, with artworks often wildly colourful, packed with different hues as the artist takes creative license with a scene or subject. The artist’s digital artwork is a great example of this, and in a digital, abstract realm, the artist seems unbounded by any attachment to realism.

A screen capture of John McAlpine's art portfolio


John’s photographs are well-composed, and seem equally concerned with colour -- the artist often frames a highly colourful aspect of a city scene, creating still images that fit right in with his traditional artworks.

A drawing of abstracted root systems with bright coloursRoots


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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