The Art Portfolio of Yuri Hill

A digital painting of an eerie villageThe Hands Resist Him

Yuri Hill is an artist based in Kiev, Ukriane. The artist primarily works in digital painting, producing artworks that evoke an unsettling, dreamlike mood through layers of dark pigment and key details.


Hill’s creepy, illustrative images often seem to reference reference pagan mythology in addition to contemporary horror aesthetics. I’m quite impressed by the artist’s skill with building visual atmosphere -- many of the works are hazy, dark, and beckon the viewer closer in order to truly parse the small details that are obscured by the artist’s use of a dark kind of chiaroscuro.

A digital painting of a mysterious figure in a dark foresther leisure

I can see these works being at home in video game designs or in contemporary horror films. The artist provides enough imaginative detail to encourage the viewer to form their own narrative, without giving too much away.

A digital painting of Dante at the gates of hellDante

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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