Pickledog Studio: The Art Portfolio of Sally Adams

A painting of a striped catTiger cat, acrylic on canvas with texture, sealed with gloss varnish

Sally Adams is an artist who works in both Shelby Township, Michigan, and Saratoga Florida. In her Pickledog Studio practice, the artist produces small, pared-down paintings featuring dogs, flowers, landscapes, and other subject matter. 

A painting of red poppies on a grey backgroundPoppy Dance, acrylic on canvas with texture


I really enjoy the clean yet warm compositions that Sally produces. The artist is quite good at balancing texture and negative space, often using a slight gradient in her backgrounds rather than a monochrome. I like the way that Sally tends to isolate her subject matter -- rows of poppies, for example, are painted as though in a field, but the field is simplified into controlled, beautifully coloured and textured background that emphasizes the subject through contrast. 

A screen capture of Sally Adams' Pickledog Studio art websitewww.pickledogstudio.com


Sally’s artworks are quite detailed and in many cases impressively realistic. Her paintings of dogs and cats, for example, capture the texture of individual hairs while emphasizing the natural expressions of these furry faces.

A painting of a dog running through a meadowGolden Flash

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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