A Portfolio of Delicate Watercolour Paintings by Gary R. Huff

A painting of an artist's paletteArtists Palette, watercolour on cotton rag paper

Gary R. Huff Is an artist based in Culpeper, Virginia. In his practice, Gary creates delicate watercolour paintings often focused around a central figure. 

A painting of a bear and a small birdBear Meets Ruby-Throated, watercolour on cotton rag paper


Gary has a background in commercial and professional illustration, and has worked with a variety of clients and publishers in his career. This illustrative sensibility really shines through in his artistic portfolio. The artist’s paintings are sleek and detailed, with backgrounds that are often left as simple colour swatches to build up an atmosphere without taking focus away from the primary subject matter. 

A screen capture of Gary R. Huff's art websiteThe front page of Gary's art website


In our previous feature of Gary's focused still-life watercolours, we looked at the artist's use of negative space -- the artist treats his substrate as a device for framing and emphasizing his painting rather than a space that needs to be filled in. There’s room to breathe, and the leftover white space allows the viewer space to contemplate the central image.

A painting of a bird on a tree limbBird on Limb, watercolour on cotton rag paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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