Painting with Thread: The Art Portfolio of Anya Doll

A textile artwork with layers of patterned fabricLove


Anya Doll is a textile artist whose studio practice involves “painting with thread”. The artist’s works often have a quilt-like aesthetic about them, with individual compositions frequently taking the form of small, square fabric panels. 


A square of handmade textile artCourage


I really enjoy the approach that Anya takes to her artwork -- she seems to expertly toe the line between textile art and traditional painting, merging an equal amount of styles from each. The way that Anya builds her images reminds me a bit of works by Lisa Lackey. There are also parallels between Anya’s textile style, and the quilted artworks of Pat Autenrieth

A screen capture of Anya Doll's art portfolio


Anya doesn’t just use traditional textiles in her work -- she also experiments with raw threads and fibres including lace, ribbons, and even feathers, building up a unique texture for her works that solidifies these collections of fibre as works of two or three-dimensional art.

An installation comprising a string of handmade prayer flagsPrayer Flags (installed)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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