The Art Portfolio of Deborah Gorman

An abstract painting with a curved horizon lineNature Nurture Series 7, acrylic on stretched canvas

Deborah Gorman is a painter who produces heavily textured, deeply coloured artworks. The artist’s subjects are often abstract, though she occasionally works with figures as well, approaching familiar subjects with a style all her own. 

A painting with a golden fishKrishna's Fish


I really like the weight of Deborah’s paintings -- though many of the works are acrylic, there’s a thickness and presence to the brush marks that makes me believe these could be oil paintings or frescos. The artist uses a far-reaching colour palette that explores both vibrant primaries and darker neutral hues. 

A screen capture of Deborah Gorman's art


Gorman’s recent paintings have an aged look about them -- the textures that Deborah uses create a kind of antique effect, with areas where the paint has cracked or blended with other colours for a mottled finish. Even in planes of monochromatic colour, there’s always a point of interest for the viewer’s eye to settle on.

A mixed media artwork with layered photos and found materialsAuntie's Alzheimer, mixed media on drywall

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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