Artefacts of Los Angeles: The Art Portfolio of Michel Bourquard

A photo of the top of the world after sunsetthe top of the world after sunset

Michel Bourquard is a Los Angeles-based artist and photographer. In his practice, Michel produces works that distort reality in wild and interesting ways. The artist’s range of photographic subjects includes portraits, landscapes, and specific artefacts of Los Angeles

A digitally edited photo of the Hollywood signHollywood by the sea


I like the way that Michel brings digital manipulation techniques into his practice -- he has a knack for creating layers of highly digital colours, reminiscent of works by Adam Mayster, or digital artists like Melissa Ann Lambert. There are bright, electric greens and blues, and purples that seem like they could only appear on a computer screen. The artist’s juxtaposition of these colours with landscapes, cars, and the faces of celebrities creates an almost dreamlike aesthetic that somehow seems perfectly suited for a los angeles viewpoint. 

The front page of Michel Bourquard's art websiteThe front page of Michel's art website


Michel’s black-and-white portraits mainly concern celebrities, and the artist does an interesting job of emphasizing his central subject, sometimes working in black and white, or deliberately blurring his background to bring the viewer’s eye firmly to centre stage.

A photo of Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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