An Observant Eye: The Art of Jasmine J. Calix

A painting of flowers on a red backgroundFire Flowers, oil on canvas

Jasmine J. Calix is a painter and photographer who produces works on a wide variety of subjects. Jasmine has been painting since childhood, developing a style that shows off an observant eye and a sense of exploration in her chosen media. 

A painting of upside-down trees in the skyForest in the Sky, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s paintings tend toward loose and gestural mark-making, with an impressive colour palette. I enjoy the way that Jasmine organizes her artist’s portfolio, with sets of subject matter organized into different “worlds”, such as the Inside World, Outside World, and Opposite World. Each series of paintings is its own, self-contained thesis, an aspect of the artist’s point of view. 

A screen capture of Jasmine J. Calix's art websiteThe front page of Jasmine's art portfolio website


Jasmine works in watercolour as well as acrylic paint, often using the former to build more subdued scenes with a bigger emphasis on negative space. In her photography, Jasmine seems drawn toward large, central shapes -- architectural and natural features -- and the way light interacts with these figures. 

A photo of a building in front of a snowy fieldRiverpoint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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