The Art Portfolio of Svetlana Barker

A painting of a crow on a striking red backgroundBlue Crow, oil on canvas

Svetlana Barker lives in Colorado, where she produces works of painting. The artist’s background in fashion shines through in her well-composed and colour-coordinated pieces that often evoke a specific mood or atmosphere through carefully-chosen hues. 

A painting of flowers with bright colours and small brush marksExpression, oil on canvas


I really enjoy Svetlana’s floral paintings -- the way that she differentiates between different blooms, and utilizes a deeply varied, yet still cohesive colour scheme is quite aesthetically pleasing. I see similar attention to detail throughout the artist’s portfolio -- in bird paintings, each individual feather is rendered with specific care, creating a very believable sense of volume and texture. 

A screen capture of Svetlana Barker's art portfolio


Svetlana’s landscapes are an interesting departure from the more detailed works. As we saw in our previous feature of Svetlana’s work, these softly clouded abstractions emphasize an almost meditative, peaceful atmosphere. The artist’s eye for colour helps create almost abstracted pieces that suggest fantastical landscapes, not quite of this Earth.

A painting of a bright red landscapeRocky Mountains Art Therapy, oil and acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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