Urban Spaces: The Art of Lori Sokoluk

An abstracted mixed media artwork made with architectural elementsMany Arrive Destination Unknown, mixed media and collage on wood panel

Lori Sokoluk is a Vancouver-based artist who uses a range of mixed media to build artworks examining the atmosphere and physical elements of urban spaces. Lori’s works are dense with detail and often quite abstracted, though the artist’s strategic use of recognizable figures draws the viewer in for a closer look. 

A collaged image with visuals of buildingsCity Grid Power Grid, mixed media and collage on wood panel


I’m quite enjoying the works in Lori’s recent series Port Town -- these works focus on the liminal space where a city meets a body of water, examining the unique architecture and mood of ports through a lense of mystery. Lori’s artworks are densely layered, with collections of materials and forms that intersect in endless permutations such that each work seems to form a new, complete object that’s both referential, and totally removed from its original subject matter. 

A screen capture of Lori Sokoluk's art portfolio websitewww.lorisokoluk.com


The earthy, sepia tones that pervade many of Lori’s works come partially from elements of raw paper and cardboard, but also serve to lend each piece a kind of old-world look, as though one is looking at a complex illustration in an old architectural manual.

A mixed media artwork with lines of scaffoldingI Stand On My Own Twelve Legs, mixed media on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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