Structures, Systems, and Processes: Art by Patricia E. Rangel

A sculptural artwork with wall-mounted blocks and small red flagsLittle Red Flags, cement, dirt, fence posts

Patricia E. Rangel is a California based artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation. In her practice, Patricia seeks to understand the structures, systems, and processes that underpin agriculture. 

A wall-hanging sculpture made with cement, ash, and dirtWhen it's all gone, all we'll have left are prayers, ash, cement mixed with dirt from Alta District Hospital site ruins, and leather milagros


There’s a common theme of man-made constructions and processes in Patricia’s works, even though the artist tends to utilize materials that could appear in nature, such as soil and stone. I’m really appreciating the works in Patricia’s recent series, Conectado a Tierra. One work combines cement, ashes, and dirt from the site of a now-closed hospital in California. The wall-hanging artwork has an iconographic feel to it, with both material and shape contributing to a strong visual language. 

A screen capture of Patricia E. Rangel's portfolio


Another work in the same series uses cement, dirt, and fence posts (among other materials). I like the way that Patricia is able to remove these materials from their expected contexts without severing that connection. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what Particia has been working on in recent years!

An artwork made with packed dirt and goldSifted I, sifted and compacted dirt, 14k gold

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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