Pinterest Rocks For Artists - Part 3 of 4: Almost Pro

Pintrest Wizardry: Level Three
Ok so it's official, Pinterest rocks for artists. I have brought you two levels of Pinterest Wizardry and now we enter level 3. We are almost pro! In this post I am going to tell you about ways you can start to use Pinterest to create community and actively curate your boards to your advantage.


You'll notice that there is a notifications button at the top of the page, see in the image below. This is a little red button with the image of 2 push pins . This is where you will be notified of 3 heart-warming social situations. The first is that some one has liked one of your pins. This is essentially like "liking" a post on Facebook, a friendly gesture that let's you know that your pins are engaging others. The next notification type is that someone has started following either one of your boards or all of your boards. This is great, expecially if they follow any board that you have posted your art to. The third type of notification is that someone has repinned your pin. This last one is what we want. As soon as someone repins your pin they are sharing with all of their followers which can cause a bunch of people to suddenly follow you. When you pin the work of others the same could happen for them, so be nice!

Screenshot of Pintrest page
You can find a great group of Pinners whose boards you love and who love your boards right back and this is truly ideal as you end up with a group of people who are marketing each other's artwork. You can even be more direct and in the text under your artwork you can ask people to please repin.


If people like yout work and don't mind pinning it to one of their boards they can help you spread the word about your art at the click of a button. And remember that it is a two way street - get out there and find artists whose work you like, you can follow them, repin their pins or at the very least you can like one of their pins.


If you find that some of your boards are being followed but not your board with just your artwork on it consider creating some boards where you "blend" in your images with other content. This is a great and subtle way to introduce people to your art. I have a couple of boards that I created where I have been able to add my artwork into other content. One of them is called Creative Ways to Display Art where I show pins of how you can put art in your home to decorate. I have some images that clients have sent me of artwork of mine that they have framed and put into their homes so I have added this content to this board.


Screenshot of pintrest page


Hooray! You are now a level 3 Pinterest Wizard!. Get out there, pin your work and make some Pinterest pals!


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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