Expressionist Aesthetics: Art by Trevor Pye

A mixed media artwork with still life objects in front of a mountainStill Life With Small Mountain, acrylic and graphite on Arches paper

Trevor Pye is an artist who works in mixed media, building images that draw on cubist and expressionist aesthetics while maintaining a contemporary atmosphere. The artist is currently based in New Zealand, where he works with acrylic, graphite, and other traditional art materials. 

A still life painting with a layered, transparent lookStill Life With Modernist Leanings 1, acrylic and graphite on paper


I really enjoy the overall colour scheme that Trevor uses in his works. There’s something very warm and inviting about this palette, with its wealth of soft neutrals, reds and oranges. The artist also tends toward lush, deep greens, rendered grassy hills and still-life floral arrangements with equal care. 

The front page of Trevor Pye's art portfolio


The style that Trevor uses in his works creates a kind of layered, jumbled effect for the images -- objects are often rendered in contoured lines that intersect and overlap with one another. Colours fill certain shapes and planes but rarely block out an entire object, drawing the eye as much through a scene as around it. The artist’s use of mixed media lends each work a slightly sketched and gestural aesthetic that further enforces that warm atmosphere.

A landscape with abstracted shapesDwelling in Landscape With Ambiguous Elements, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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