The Art Portfolio of Bruno Hernani

A photo of a sky over a traffic light in ReginaRegina, Canada, photograph

Bruno Hernani is an artist and engineer who currently lives and works in Regina, Saskatechewan. In his artistic practice, Bruno works with a variety of media including paint, photography, and sculpture, occasionally drawing inspiration from engineering practices as well as from music. 

A work of art using a deconstructed violinExtended Violin


I really like the works in which Bruno combines multiple disciplines -- like in his artworks that utilize elements from musical instruments. Extended Violin, for example, combines traditional painting elements with structural pieces from a violin. The instrument’s wooden frame serves as a centrepiece while the strings break through the bounds of the artwork’s frame and wrap around it. 

A screen capture of Bruno Hernani's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Bruno's art website

In our previous feature of Bruno’s work, we looked at the way the artist expresses introspective concepts, weaving intense and personal narratives with bright, welcoming colours and undulating forms. This dual sense of introspection and approachability is present throughout Bruno’s current art portfolio.

A lamp made from a bass clarinetBass Clarinet Lamp

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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