The Art Portfolio of Kumiko Buller

A pastel portrait of a seated male figureCharlie Colwell, pastel on paper

Kumiko Buller is a pastel artist who works primarily in portraiture. Born and raised in Japan and now based in New York, Kumiko’s artworks are informed as much by elements of her own artistic upbringing as the personalities of her individual subjects. 

A drawing of a face with a lot of negative spaceUntitled, Sumi ink and charcoal on pumice board

I love the way that each of Kumiko’s drawings seems imbued with a sense of energy, even in compositions and configurations that are measured and serene. The artist’s pieces have a softness about them that speaks not only to the unique qualities of the pastel medium, but to Kumiko’s delicate approach and her ability to render details in just the right amount of focus -- not too sharp that they draw an unwarranted amount of focus, but not too subtle as to be barely there. 


One gets the sense, looking at these works, that the artist is looking not only at the physical appearance of her subjects, but also delving deeper, whether through observation or conversation, at their personas.

A pastel drawing of a young familyMy Family, pastel on pumice board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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