The Oil and Watercolour Art Portfolio of Edith Dora Rey

A painting of a yellow goldfinch on a blue backgroundVale Perkins Goldfinch #3, acrylic on wood

Edith Dora Rey was born in Switzerland and later moved to Canada, studying art in Vancouver and Halifax before settling in Montreal. In her practice, the artist produces paintings in oil and watercolour, as well as photographs. 

A watercolour painting of autumnal treesA Tree Grows in Vancouver, watercolour on Caruthers paper


Edith has an eye for shape and colour, often combining the two in a highly focused, complementary and dichromatic method in her varied artwork. The artist’s oil paintings often feature animals, usually focusing on a single, central subject painted on a monochromatic but bright background. These compositions remind me a bit of animal portraits by Lesli DeVito.

A screen capture of Edith Dora Rey's art portfolio


I rather enjoy Edith’s Looks Like Art gallery of photographs -- here the artist examines subjects that may be overlooked at first glance, presenting them as potential works of art and infusing a sense of playful discovery into her own work. These photographs are an inspiring reminder that art doesn’t have to exist within the walls of a gallery.

A photo of an orange spray paint circle on the groundMontreal, Quebec

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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