Flying Cow Creations: Art by Valerie Johnson

A felted image of two sheep in a fieldblack sheep in the family, wet felting and needle felting

Valerie Johnson creates work under her studio name, Flying Cow Creations. The artist works in felt, building pieces in both sculptural and two-dimensional formats, and capitalizing on the soft texture of her fiber medium to produce truly unique works. 

A hand-felted stool with a blue bubble patternHand felted stool

I really enjoy the amount of variation in the artist’s portfolio. Though she tends to stick to a single medium, Valerie produces work on an abundance of different subjects, from portraits and sculptures of animals and plants, to decorative and useful household objects. Valerie’s sculptures remind me a bit of those of Leanne Schnepp, who uses a different medium but seems to have similar aesthetic sensibility. 

The front page of Valerie Johnson's art


The artist also produces wearable art in the form of bright jackets and capes. These pieces would make perfect statement outerwear for adults and children alike.

A wool cape with red riding hood detailsLittle Red Riding Hood toddler Cape, needle felted wool and stitching

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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