The Sound Design Portfolio of Aaron Gallant

Demon's Souls video


Aaron Gallant is a sound designer, engineer and editor currently based in Cary, Illinois. In his practice, Aaron produces and refines sounds for video productions as well as video games. 


Today's Equine


The artist’s portfolio is packed with examples of his editing and sound design talents. Short clips of video gameplay, including Aaron’s work with the “Saints Row” franchise, capture the way the artist uses sound not only to provide players and audiences with aural information, but to create a strong mood and tone for a scene. Combined with visuals and animations, Aaron’s sonic expertise lends a sense of tactility and realism to each frame. 

A screen capture of Aaron Gallant's sound design portfolio


Outside of his work with video games, Aaron has created sound design and done sound editing work for short informational films and other film media. As we saw in our previous feature of Aaron’s work, the designer’s skill helps lend a sharp, distinct quality to the finished product. 


Inside Volition: Saints Row Undercover

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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