The Abstraction and Realism Portfolio of Beatriz Gomez Anzaldua

An abstract painting made with heavy, confident brush strokesPHASES AND CYCLES, acrylic on canvas

Beatriz Gomez Anzaldua works in paint and mixed media, with a portfolio of work that leans equally into both abstraction and realism. Beatriz was born in Brownsville, Texas, along the Texas/Mexico border and now lives and works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  

A painting of a man in a suit with a bandage on his faceUncle of no regrets, oil on canvas


It’s interesting to see the way that Beatriz shifts between abstraction and figurative painting throughout her artistic portfolio. There’s a marked stylistic difference between the artist’s works in the two disciplines -- her abstract works are wildly colourful, with overlapping and intersecting planes of colour and a sense of movement that in some works is almost aggressive. 

The front page of Beatriz Gomez Anzaldua's art


Beatriz’ figurative works, like those in her portrait series, are softly blended and highly detailed. The artist maintains a consistency of style in terms of her colour palette, with some of her figures shaded in hues straight out of the artist’s abstract galleries.

An abstract painting with textured planes of deep colourNaufragio del Ser, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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