The Art Portfolio of Ron Buttler

A sculpture of a human figure wearing a shirt with Tutankhamen's mask on itThe Mummy, mixed media

Ron Buttler is an artist based in Aiken, South Carolina. In his practice, Ron works in oil paint and mixed media, creating works that are inspired by art history, sometimes appropriating figures and elements from existing paintings and re-mixing them for a contemporary audience.

A reimagining of the last supper with musiciansLast Supper in B Flat


In our previous feature of Ron’s works, we looked at the artist’s three-dimensional portraits. Ron utilizes mixed media -- including papier-mâché and found objects -- to create paintings in which figures literally jump right out of the canvas. The works have a playful sense about them, despite the careful application and painstaking planning that must go into each one.

A screen capture of Ron Buttler's art portfolio

Elsewhere in his portfolio, Ron uses a more classical application of oil paint to create portraits, landscapes, and other figurative works. That playful edge never disappears from Ron’s works, and is especially visible in works like Last Supper in B Flat, or Godzilla Vacations on Myrtle Beach.

A painting of Godzilla on Myrtle BeachGodzilla Vacations on Myrtle Beach

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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