High-Contrast Illustrations: The Art of Danielle J. Scott

An ink drawing of a tree in patterened black and whiteTree on a Hillside, ink on Strathmore paper

Danielle J. Scott works in ink and mixed media, producing striking high-contrast illustrations as well as dense coloured paintings that combine heavy black line art with intricate details and jarringly soft, pastel colour palettes. 

A drawing of an abstract seascape with densely patterned shapesSeascape, ink on Strathmore paper

I really like the drama and impact of Danielle’s black and white ink drawings. Though many of these works are abstract, the combination of dense detail work and large, deep black planes lends the works a presence and weight that suggest figure or at least, personality. Curved, overlapping lines and shapes patterned in a psychedelic array of small forms create the illusion of immense, dizzying depths. The designs feel organic. 

A screen capture of Danielle J. Scott's art portfolio websitewww.daniellejscott.com


I really enjoy the pieces in which Danielle combines soft, pale colours with these striking areas of black in. In her mixed media gallery, works like Hysteria and Life’s a Roller Coaster draw on dark, dripping shapes of black ink to create a heaviness that leads the viewer’s eye around the image while at the same time, offering a sense of weight to hold on to.

A mixed media painting depicting a strange, abstracted landscapeHysteria, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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