Wildlife and Landscapes: Art by Bev Robertson

An oil painting of a log floating on calm watersLittle Madrona, oil on canvas

Bev Robertson is an artist from Vancouver Island. A member of the Canadian Federation of Artists, Bev produces artworks on a variety of subjects, including stunning florals and detailed figure paintings inspired by the wildlife and landscapes of her travels. 

A painting of white flowers in a square vaseEn Blanc


I really love Bev’s floral paintings. In our previous feature of Bev’s work we looked at the way the artist captures vivid detail, and colour, showcasing every plane and contour of a flower’s petals while leaving space for shapes and hues that are almost brighter than life. Bev brings this pleasant sense of reality-taken-up-a-notch to many of her artworks, including those of birds and wildlife. I’m impressed by the way the artist renders eyes, lending a sense of bright personality to all of her living subjects. 

The front page of Bev Robertson's art portfolio websiteBev's portfolio website, www.bevrobertsonwildflowerartstudio.ca


In her Scenic Landscapes gallery, Bev captures beauty with a poignant twinge of isolation -- vast landscapes are treated to beautifully delicate lighting and textures, with not a human or animal figure in sight.

A painting of a valley with a red barn and rolling fieldsValley View

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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